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Insane idea? or GENIUS?


In a full PPR, I am debating on sitting Stefon Diggs for Jermaine Kearse…

Stefon Diggs is banged up, and hasn’t practiced, so that is scaring me. They ARE playing at home against a high scoring Packers, in which I see them having to rely on the pass game later from Keenum…

Jermaine Kearse is playing at home against a shady NE defense, in which I am sure they will be relying on the pass game as well. But he is also receiving passes from Josh McCown…

Is this a crazy idea or should I continue to stick it with Diggs?

Thanks #footclan!


Diggs hasn’t practiced all week, so I doubt he’ll play.


Yeah i am waiting for the report to see if he practices today. Because I know he played at the end of the game on monday last week, and that he said Wednesday that he will play. So waiting for some news…


Just announced Diggs is out. SO I guess the decision was made for us


even better. i guess. lol. then my debate was kearse or davante parker, then saw that he was doubtful… so. guess its making it easy for me. hah.