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Insane offer , what do I do!

Dynasty League PPR, was offered the 2020 1.1, 1.9 ,1.11,1.12 , for Kyler Murray and Nick Chubb, do I accept?

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Seems like you have someone who is dying to get both of those assets. I’d look at your team needs and maybe get this person to overpay on one of these guys and keep the other. Bet you could get three 1st’s out of Chubb alone. Also, get that 1st pick if you do the trade either way.

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Have Carson, barber, Edwards as my number 2 rb I do need a WR 1, I have tyrod and LJ for other qbs it’s a super flex league

hmm. i’d hang on to kyler for sure. See what you can get for Chubb alone. You can trade for an RB with whatever qb (burrow) that you draft at the 1.01 and draft another RB with the 1.09 and hopefully add a WR into the deal too. Consult a calc or the clan before you pull the trigger, im new to SF…but that’s what I would do

In SF no way you can take that offer. The 1.1 is tempting, but the other 3 first are pretty late.
I would want all 4 picks + a solid every week starter in a position of need (looks like you mentioned WR).
Both Kyler and Chubb are top 15 picks in Dynasty startups right now, so if you don’t get a king’s ransom, it’s not worth to trade them (especially together)

I think you take it. If its a superflex, take a second round pick and one of the late firsts and go get a matt ryan/matthew stafford, trade the 1.01 down to 1.03/1,04 and get one of the top 3 RBs to replace chubb, then you are left with two firsts plus whatever you get for traded down from 1.01.

sell anyone if you can get value. It doesn’t mean the picks have to replace the players exactly, you can use the picks to buy somebody else.