Instant accept? Got offered julio and lamar for Melvin gordon

Just got offered julio and Lamar for Melvin gordon

PPR league

Ive got mixon connor lewis royce and sony
Ive got Hopkins Landry Tate Hogan Agholor and Corey davis

seems like an instant accept No?

what say you footclan?

Would you rather start Gordon, Mixon with Hopkins and Landry or Mixon, Miller with Hopkins and Julio?

Keep Gordon.

well ive got connor for the time being so id start mixon connor julio hopkins with option of miller landry hogan at flex

I would keep Gordon honestly

I probably keep Gordon Mixon Hopkins and Landry as my starting 4. It’s a fair offer and you have the RB depth to do it but I feel like that’s a better starting 4 than Hopkins Julio Mixon and Miller

I would take it. Especially if its full PPR. Julio, Hopkins and Landry are ALL high target guys. You could get away with playing Mixon and one of your other backs(Conner till Bell gets back and then match up based with the others.

Nah keep Gordon, I just got Kareem Hunt for Connor, I’d try to do that xD see if they Hunt owner will bite

I wouldn’t say it’s an instant accept. It’s something to think about. If you had like MT instead of Hopkins, for me this would be an instant accept. The fact that you have Hopkins is kind of annoying cause you don’t necessarily want to start Miller and Hopkins every week although honestly, Miller doesn’t even really make it into your starting line up most weeks if you’re playing mixon/conner + Hopkins/JJ/Landry.

It’s a pretty close one. I would try and swap miller out for another piece. Or if you do do the trade, trade miller to another RB needy team to get another upgrade or another piece. Maybe like a miller + Landry for an even better WR or something alone those lines.

Value wise, it’s definitely there. I want in on JJ. Just a matter of your situation.

Julio is a little boom or bust for my liking. but hes also got the potential to win you your league and be the #1 wr for the season

This is a full point PPR league so don’t think this is true. Common misconception is JJ is a boom bust guy, not necessarily the case. Actually has a lower bust rate than some of the top guys. It’s just that his Booms are so high that the discrepancy between a his great weeks and his average weeks are so big which accentuates this narrative.

No way, keep Gordon. Without Gordon you have a lot more question marks at the RB position but your WR are good even without Jones

edited offer i give hopkins and melvin i get dalvin julio and lamar??

I still don’t like it. Rather have Hopkins & Gordon

Jesus christ no. That would be the worst deal of all time. Hopkins > JJ. Melvin > Lamar. Why would you ever do that trade.

i would recieve dalvin cook as well

The way I see it, Hopkins > Julio. Gordon > Cook. Miller doesn’t make enough of a difference to swing it for me

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No way on this one.

Just offer Melvin Gordon for Julio and Dalvin - seems like the other guy wants Gordon real bad and he’ll take that offer.

Mixon/Conners/Cook with Julio/Hopkins/Landry sounds legit to me. And your bench will handle any match up issues and bye weeks.

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