Interested in joining dynasty start up league :)

please email:

been wanting to join a dynasty league .5 or full pt is fine :slight_smile: appreciate:)

Does buy in matter? I have 3 spots left in a .5 ppr keeper league. $60 buy in

ill join :slight_smile: send me the link :slight_smile: thank you!!

and if possbile the rules too thanks!

Brief overview-

12 Teams,3 Divisions,6 Playoff Teams
Ballers Preferred Scoring
Up to 3 Keepers from Year to Year
$100 FAAB Budget
$60 Buy In
1st place- $500 & Custom Championship Belt
2nd place- $100
Looking for owners who can hang in there long term and are fantasy football fanatics. If this is you and you are good with the above overview, send me your username on Sleeper!

yeah, count me in! how many teams are there already?

username: luiiul
thank you!

You would make 9 and I have a 10th and possible 11th so far. Sending invite now

thanks! if you still need 1 a have a co worker who would love to play :slight_smile:

Yeah definitely we have a spot. Shoot me their Username on Sleeper.

didn’t responded yet, if you have someome or if the spot still available by the time he reply thanks!

Still 3 spots yet. I posted on our footballers forum and on Twitter so we will see. He may respond in time. I’m avoiding Facebook with it


You still interested in the 12 team keeper league on Sleeper?

If there are spots left I am interested. My email is

Yeah 1 more spot left. Did you get a chance to read my brief overview of the league above?

Invite sent. Is $60 buy in and be prepared to come hard, expect highest level of competition.

still available im trying to join lol

I sent someone else an invite but not sure if they got it. Never responded, so as of right now yes 1 spot is open.

if he doesnt respond im down

so am i in lol