Interesting David Johnson trade

I drafted Kirk Cousins, but On a whim I grabbed Pat Mahomes off waivers. David Johnson’s owner is proposing a trade and asking for Mahomes.

Would you do it? The upside obviously is either QB is solid and I would be getting the possibility of a top RB if Arizona gets their stuff together. I have McCaffery and Mixon already.

The downside is which QB is likely to remain hot, and am I potentially giving a guy the advantage of one of the top QBs? (He currently only has Jared Goff on his roster). Do I play the keepaway game with what is currently 2 of the top QBs?

Is this a 1 for 1 Mahomes for Johnson trade? Cause I would take that shot. Mahomes for sure be a QB1 barring injury or complete implosion, but I don’t think he is finishing the year with 80 TDs.

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Take it!

QBs are sooo streamable this year and you have Cousins who has weapons all over the field.

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Is this a 1 for 1!? Umm yah go with the rb especially with cousins .


It’s totally a 1-for-1. I was a little astonished. The question here too, is do I counter with Cousins instead? Who is likely to finish with the better season - Mahomes or Cousins? Does it even matter? Will they be that far apart?

If it is a 1 for 1 just pull the trigger before the other guy gets gun shy. You will be robbing him blind.

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I’ve learned the hard way to not counter a favorable offer. They clearly value Mahomes over Cousins. Let them take Mahomes. The difference between Mahomes and Cousins points will be minimal compared to DJ and a RB on your bench