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Interesting draft question, with very little info


So in one of my leagues, we all comminicate through and app because we all live all over the nation. One guy posted a question; who wins in this trade. 1.03 and duke johnson, for the 2.01 and 2.02. Two guys in my league snapped off that 2.01 and 2.02 won hands down. I think there is not near enough information to make that decision. But if you go off of just that… who do you think wins? I mean to me it sounds like a rookie draft in a dynasty, but even if i know that im not sure that i would say anyone has won without more.


They both win.

Team A wanted 2.01 and 2.02 cause he’s rebuilding and wanted more picks, and might already havee a young stud RB such a DJ, Zeke, Jordan Howard and doesn’t need/want McCaffrey or Mixon.

Team B got 1.03 and DJ cause he’s also rebuilding but wants a stud RB, or possibly even Corey Davis.