Interesting keeper scenario

So as of right now I’m in an 8 man ppr 2 keeper league and am keeping Deandre Hopkins for a 2nd and Kerryon for a 10th. With the top guys being kept, I’ll probably end up with either Le’Veon or David Johnson but am trying to get another top tier RB but pickings are slim in the 3rd round. Should I stick with D Hop is the second or try and trade for a guy like Tyreek who I could keep for a 5th which would free up my second rounder for, potentially, a higher tier RB 2?

If you can trade D Hop for Hill + a decent pick that might be nice. There are always good options for guys at the top of the draft in leagues like yours. I would tier the guys you think are going to be available in the draft and see what kind of player you’d get with your 2nd rounder, as the trade would end up being:

whoever you’d draft in the 5th


2nd round pick
Additional pick

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That’s a great idea, I’ll have to throw that idea out there and see how much traction it gets