Interesting Swap

I got offered Adrien Peterson and Nelson Agholor and in return I’d send them Demarco Murray and Michael Crabtree.

I am thinking its basically swapping one problematic rb for another and trading a solid we for a more boom bust player. I’m on the playoff bubble at the moment.

My bench is:
Mike Evans
Sterling Shepard
Ted ginn
Robby Anderson

Amber Abdullah
Dion Lewis

Is it worth pulling the trigger?

I would not make this deal. AP will not maintain a 37 carry pace. Additionally, opponents will play eight in a box defense because Cards have a lousy QB. Crabtree is a much better WR.

NO NO NO NO NONONONONO, do not “pull the trigger.” take the bullets out of the theoretical gun, bury them 3 feet deep in your backyard, thrown the gun into the ocean.

I’d much rather have crabtree and Murray

D. Murray practiced today so I’m want crabtree and Murray