Interesting Trade Idea, but I Need Your Opinions!

So in in a 1 PPR dynasty league. There’s one guy in my league who desperately needs RBs. His starters are Joe Mixon and Miles Sanders. He started off 0-1. He somehow won the league last year and wants to make it 2 in a row.

Now to my question… This team owner has both Melvin Gordon (holding out) and Kareem Hunt (suspended). I have James Conner and I’m willing to trade him. Should I offer James Conner and Jaylen Samuels for Melvin Gordon and Kareem Hunt? My guess is they wouldn’t take it, but I wanted to see what y’all think.

My other 2 RBs are Alvin Kamara and Chris Carson.

I don’t see why you’d offer him a lifeline like that. Keep conner and go mount a title challenge

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Okay thanks for the help! I was only thinking since Gordon will most likely be an RB1 when he gets traded and Kareem Hunt has a lot of potential as well. I’ll keep Conner and only base my decisions on what is there right now and not guessing what can happen in the unknown future. Well except when it comes to drafting rookies obviously lol. Gotta give some guesses then.

I’d avoid Melvin until a return is imminent. But that offer was in my opinion offering them non holdout value when they should be facing sell low / stuck on their bench

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I tried buying low, but he would only take someone who was just as good or close to as good. I’ll just keep what I have :grin:

Just remember that currently it’s you bargaining from a position of total strength. You can walk away but they need to get something to cover the draft capital as waiting likely dooms their season.

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