Interesting Trade offer for me #1 pick

He is giving up his first round (7th pick) and his keeper(connor) for my first pick only.

what do you guys think? and maybe I can ask to swap 2nd round picks as a add on. :slight_smile:

What are you wasting time asking here for? He may wise up and pull it back. Do it now


Ya you’re ending up with two first rounders, I’d do this in a heartbeat.

Asking to swap 2nd may be a bit tough and put a sour taste in his mouth - maybe ask to swap 4th round picks instead?

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Agree, don’t get greedy. Take this gift and run

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If there are keepers, who is available with the 1.01, and who is likely to be available at the 1.07? It sounds like I would say take the trade ASAP but I want a little more information before confirming.

from top 20 picks, Chubb(Im the chubb keeper) and connor only ones gone as keepers. Other keepers are later rounds

okok ill accept and run lol