Interesting Trade offer involving Coleman

Hey guys. So I offered a trade where I get Tevin Coleman and I give up Gallman Martavis Bryant and Jaron Brown (full PPR). He seems tempted to accept it but I may need to offer a little more so let me know if 1) this trade looks good and 2) what else should I be willing to give up for Coleman.

My Rbs are (traded a bunch away for AJ Green last week):
Chris Thompson

AJ Green
Michael Thomas
Jaron Brown

I wouldn’t give up more than that.

Maybe do Fuller instead of Bryant OR Brown… See if his 2 TD’s a game for the last 2 helps get the trade done. there’s no way he can keep that up.

He wants me to switch out Fuller for Gallman. So the final offer would be Fuller Bryant and Thompson for Coleman. What do you think? Too much?

Ask him who he would drop because he would have to drop 2 players. If they are decent say to add them to the trade instead of dropping them

i dont think so you’re getting a guy that can put up numbers and is a great flex spot option. You could do what swingshot64 said too and make it a 3 for 3 trade and then if the others are terrible dump them for someone on the Waiver Wire