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Interesting Trade Offer


Andy Dalton
Terelle Pryor
Melvin Gordon


Tyrod Taylor
Isaiah Crowell

12 team PPR. Who wins here?


Could be personal bias but I like the AD/TP/MG side more.

Red Rocket should put up good numbers.

TP may take a while to get on same page as capt Kirk but he is an athletic freak.

Melvin’s role will hopefully be the same as last year and while there should be some TD regression he should still give great numbers. The guy just needs to stay healthy.

Tyrod’s veteran wr’s are gone, still got his legs, Shady and his TE but his value looks to be going down without a bonefied deep threat.

I’m warry of AJ always getting banged up, I owned him in multiple years and some injury or another is always there.

I’m not a fan of the crow.


You’re getting a downgrade at QB and RB and an upgrade at WR. Doesn’t seem worth it.