Interesting trade proposal

Hey guys

I’m new here, so don’t be too hard on me haha.

I just received a pretty interesting trade offer but I can’t decide if it’s worth the risk. In a standard scoring league, I’d get Leonard Fournette and Larry Fitzgerald for David Johnson.

The problem is Fournettes health. He is injured a lot. And if DJ blows up, I may be on the wrong side of the trade. But then again, if the Cardinals get their shit together, not only DJ will be good but probably Fitzgerald as well.

My current roster looks like this:

Russell Wilson
Cam Newton

David Johnson
Marshawn Lynch
Devonta Freeman
Royce Freeman
Matt Breida
Mark Ingram

Stefon Diggs
Keelan Cole

Trey Burton
Jordan Reed

Robbie Gould


What do you guys think? Is it worth the risk?

Don’t trade David Johnson. On a bad team, David Johnson can still be relevant. Fournette could end up missing half of the season because he clearly does not know how to take care of his body and Grant and Yeldon could end up being the “guys” for that team. I love Larry, but until the QB play gets better (not likely this year), Larry is irrelevant.

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Definitely keep what you have. Fitz is a solid safe play most of the time, but he’s retiring soon. Fournette has health and behavior concerns, so the possibility exists that both of those guys could be out of the league in 2 years. Stick with DJ in the new offense, I’m trying to get him wherever I can

Nonononononononononooooooo do not do that.