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Interesting trade questions

I originally wasn’t able to do offseason trades in my league, but we may have just figured out a way how to do it,

I want Saquon Barkley and Kenyan Drake. If you had these players, would you trade them for a package like Miles Sanders, Chris Carson, Raheem Mostert, and a 2020 1st Round Pick (1.10)?

I would like to trade down from 1.01 cuz I have that pick too, but I would want multiple 1st rounders in return and I’m the only team with more than 1 first round pick. What else could I get for the 1.01?

Or would I be giving up too much?

4 pieces for Saquon and Drake, your giving up too much…Saquon is the end all be all of Dynasty RBs right now…drake just drastically improved his value…what is your starting roster format, where you would need so many pieces?

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I would think that gets it done, but it might be too much. However, what is too much if you get your guys? I will overpay if I am dead set on someone. That said, this is probably a bit much.

Instead of moving down from your 1.01, why not put something together with that? I think the 1.01 and Sanders might get you Barkley. Might. But IMHO I would not sweat it and look to improve somewhere else. If those are your RB, I would not want to give up more to get less. That is, you are losing depth there. That would not be my choice.

Moving position for position is tougher than cross position. Try to cross pollinate. You might also have to make multiple moves. It could be your 1.01 gets you only examples Drake and DK. You potentially then could move those two for two 1.XX from different teams.

In short, though, i would not make that move for Barkley. I think Sanders has the look of being a really lovely assets. I am bummed I made no moves on him. I think he easily could be Drake. Carson is another one I think could be Drake. Mostert looked fantastic, but who knows how SF will roll their RBBC? The 1.01 would be any of the top guys, and potentially someone near Barkley’s talent in possibly a better space. Your 1.10 could get you a pretty good WR as well.

Maybe your 1.10 for a Chark / DK / McLaurin?

I could see swapping Carson for Drake if you wanted, despite the position for position comment earlier. That would be a pretty good move and it might be a better player.

Does any of this help? I do not know, but those are my thoughts!

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I would be receiving Barkley and Drake. Then I also have pick 1.01 so I can start those two and then whoever I draft.

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Thank you! That’s very helpful

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Oh! My mistake. I think the 1.10 is fine in there, but I might pull it out to see if that gets it done. It still feels a little heavy with either the 1.10/Mostert piece, but if in the end you have your guy then no complaints! I do like the guys Barkley/Drake you will be left with more than what you are giving up FWIW. Particularly if that leaves you with the 1.01 & 1.10.

For moving down from the 1.01, I would look at the 1.03/1.04 teams and get them to throw in something else you want. The move is not major, so do not get over your skis on this. But a 2nd this year or next would be great. Just take whomever is left on the board at that point, but you should have some combination of Dobbins / Akers / Lamb / Jeudy. None of those are bad gets.

If you retain the 1.10 you could look at 2021 1st from some team. Odds are high that pick is a better one that what you are giving up. Else, I think the WRs mentioned above might be bought at that price.