Interesting ways for draft order (New League)

Draft order will be determined by the following:

I will write all of our team names on baseballs. I will then pitch them to my son.

Whoever’s ball travels the furthest (air & ground) will get to chose their draft position.

If he swings and misses or hits a foul ball, the pitch will be redone. My girlfriend will video this sequence from the fielders POV.

I will blindly pick up each ball and throw the pitch. Not knowing which name is on each ball.

Anyone like to share their interesting ways of determining start up draft order? Go ahead.

That’s an awesome idea! After our expansion one year, we did a punt pass kick competition for draft order. Winner got to pick which spot they wanted to draft in and so on.

Get a bunch of kids together and make them sack race. draw numbers at random. the number you draw corresponds to a specific kid in the race. where the kid finishes is how you get to choose your pick.

still my favourite way they did it on the league

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