Intriguing CMC Offer?

3wr 2rb 2flex PPR 12man
DO i do this?

I am the Hubbard owner

I got offered CMC for Terry, Gainswell, and jamal williams

my WR: d. adams, terry, sutton, meyers, hilton,
RB: Hubbard, Harris, Zeke, collins, mg3, jwill, gainwell,
Im 4-3

yes, I would do that provided you can grab a WR back from him. just see if you can get a WR3 to rotate in with Meyers. maybe toss in Collins or Gordon


thanks anymore inputs?

Id take that aswell and agree if you can get a wr or if theres someone on the waivers id be watching to sure that up but having CMC and zeke is going to be great and depending on which Harris that is Damien or Najee you could have a monster 3 headed rb group

Adams and Sutton are solid but youd like to have that 3rd better than good WR

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oops sorry damian.

I agree with all.

But you probably won’t have Adams this week due to Covid.

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im liking it too but my WR will be weak. and there are no waivers

I would not do that. Prefer Terry over CMC ROS.