Intriguing Dynasty Trade

Let me know what you think.

My CMC, 1.03
For the 1.01

I have a feeling I’m overpaying here, and that it’s a much better deal for the other team. Thoughts?

always best to put names to early round draft picks, helps with deciding. would you rather have CMC and pretty much your pick of any WR, or guice probably, or just barkley? i would take CMC for my flex/filler guy, then go get a WR i really believe in. but that may change after the draft. maybe there isnt a single receiver that lands in a good spot.

Thanks @BusterD. That’s what I’m thinking too. I’m intrigued by Barkley… but I also think Michel and Guice are great. So I could have two RBs that can contribute in Michel and CMC. My primary concern is I don’t have a clear cut RB1. So, that’s my motivation to maybe move up to grab Barkley.

RB Core: Ajayi, CMC, Drake, Gio, Thompson, Procise, McKinnon and White

You made a different trade for a specific reason. Get your guy

Personally I don’t do that trade but if you feel Barkley is a future top 5 back then go get him! Depth helps leads to packaged trades for that sure-fire top 5 back. I would rather turn and burn my roster than take a risk on an unknown commodity, but that’s just me!

thats a valid point. different pieces though. but the end story is, if that is the guy YOUR guy then yeah i agree with king. there are players i fall in love with that im willing to pay over their price to get. im not going to go crazy with it, but if its not in my favor by a small margin ill take it anyway.