Introducing sleeper companion (beta)

Hi footclan,

I played around with sleepers public API and would like to share the outcome with the footclan first.

What you can expect:

  • ranks, awards, draftboards of your sleeper leagues
  • power rankings aka how many games you should have won, finally you have proof that you were just really unlucky that season
  • go back in time and view all of the above for the previous years
  • rough edges, bugs, Lorem ipsum and a slow backend :sweat_smile:
  • a webapp that’s mostly been tested for Chrome and a pretty standard redraft league

It’s been fun working on it and I have many more ideas. Some of which need fantasy data. Do you happen to know an affordable fantasy data api?

If you have any questions, remarks or a league setup that breaks the app, i always appreciate your feedback.

Cheers and good luck with your ongoing drafts


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