IR for Doubtful Players

I am the Commissioner of a 12 team keeper league. One of the owners brought up a point about allowing Doubtful players to be placed on the IR. Right now our settings is to only allow players that are listed as out. Has anyone had experience with Doubtful IR players and what is your thoughts on it. Im kinda torn about it.

I would be fine with it either way. As a commish, I allow everyone to propose changes to rules or settings before each season and then I have the league vote, so that’s what I would do here. I would fine if doubtful players could go on IR, but I also wouldn’t have a problem if the setting stayed the same.

Sleeper allow for this feature. I’m a fan of this setting since they redefined what “questionable” and “doubtful” represent. Doubtful now means “it is unlikely the player will participate.”

From 2017…

Once again, the “doubtful” designation was almost certain to lead to an inactive status. In fact, even more so than in 2016. This year, just 2.5 percent (4 of 161) “doubtful” players ended up active. Last year, it was 4 percent (eight of 207).

Of the four players who were active after being listed as “doubtful,” only one did not play at all. The other three played no more than half their typical number of snaps.