IR Keeper Question with Cook/Johnson

I’m in 0.5pt auction league with keepers costing 110% of what they went for the previous season. I have both DJ and Cook on my roster currently. DJ I paid a premium for in draft and won’t be worth the value to keep but Cook I got for a great price and will be a steal to keep next year if he returns to form.

I currently have David Johnson sitting on my IR in the hopes that he’ll come back in time to help with a playoff push. With Cook now eligible for my IR and bench space at a premium with byes hitting me this week, should I drop DJ and move Cook into that position? There are several owners with IR spots that could potential grab him to stash.

Thoughts on which route to go? I’m torn right now but am leaning towards dropping DJ since I don’t think the Cardinals will rush him back if they’re not in playoff contention, which right now doesn’t seem likely.



If your 4-0 I’d hold on to both…

You got a great chance to make playoffs and DJ in the playoffs might be a game changer. But there is no guaruntee of him coming back but I like the chance.

Now if your not 4-0 or 3-1…id look to TRADE DJ before you drop him… Maybe trade him to a team who has an open IR spot… And a good record as well and might want to take the flyer on him. Might not get a ton for him but might get a nice bye week filler or flex filler.

Goodluck sir