IR Loophole - Keep lineup or drop someone this week?

So I have an IR loophole issue to deal with. Mixon is in the IR spot and thanks to yahoo i can keep him there until i change my lineup. Luckily i snagged Titans last week and they were pre-setup to go to DST this week while the bears are on bye. I’d like to not mess with the lineup since I can drop Titans next week without dropping anyone extra, but i’m wondering if the lineup hurts me or not.

QB - Rivers
WR/Flex - OBJ, Boyd, Hill
RB - Gurley, White
TE - Ebron
K - Bailey
DST - Titans

RB - Breida, Mixon (IR Spot loophole), Alf (would have to drop if i play mixon)
WR - Watkins, Corey Davis
QB - Stafford
DST - Bears

I think you can get away with White as your RB2 for a week to play the defensive matchup.

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