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IR spot in high demand! Woodhead or Carson


Should I keep Woodhead in IR in the hope he comes out but then drop Carson? This is a keeper league and Carson could be a round 14 keeper next year. Or, is he toast?


Carson for sure. Sadly, I suspect we’ve seen the last of Danny Woodhead.


Ye if also go Carson just for the keeper aspect. Don’t expect to see him this season but woodhead even if he comes back it’s unlikely to be to a big role given he recurrent injury risk


Seatlle is to much of a RBBC…I would go with danny.


It’s a 1 keeper league, 2 rounds ahead of draft. So, at the moment I am leaning towards Hunt in the first… but Carson in the 14th is tempting as a potential option.


Really? He’s a 32 y/o RB, who hasn’t been healthy in two years who is currently on IR.


@DFWB I don’t like this haha I just picked one! haha


Fair. I’ll take the one who has a chance at being in the league in two years, personally.


Does it change your opinion if it’s a 1 keeper league? Moves 2 spots forward in draft?

Carson @ 16th
Hunt @ 1st
No idea about my other ones ha!


Hmm. I dk. The keeper might not come into play for me then, but it’s hard to say. I suspect Hunt in the first might the the play either way, but I’d probably want to keep my options open.


I guess it’s a bit weird to be considering keepers this early.