Irish/Canadian? Looking to join a dynasty start up? 10 team, 0.5ppr on sleeper

Got a start up dynasty league that is short a couple of players. It’s currently made up of mainly Irish or Canadian lads. It’s on the sleeper app and it’ll be a slow draft considering the time-zones. Looking to begin the draft this weekend and have it done and dusted within a week.

I’d be interested for sure. I’m English though if that’s a deal breaker haha

I’d be interested to play. I’m 28 and a college professor, but unfortunately in regards to this post: I’m Mexican T_T.

I’m an Irishman living in Toronto so I meet both criteria :slight_smile: Definitely interested if you still have spots open

Haha, no mate. Come on ahead

Good lad, Gary. Come ahead

Happy to have you onboard, add a more international feel, here’s the link