Irv Smith Dynasty

I am in a full point PPR dynasty and one of the guys just dropped Irv Smith. I have Fant and Gesicki already on my team. Do you guys think it’s worth making a move for Smith? We play with $100 FAAB and I have $98 left. I’m thinking he might have a fairly high price.

I’d bid conservatively. With Fant you’re not short at TE, yes Irv would be nice to have but he’s not really a huge difference maker in my opinion when he comes back.

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I’d put $3 out there and see if it floats.

If you have an IR spot sure, but don’t waste a valuable bench spot if you don’t

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It would be Chris Evans but I would have to drop. Since I have a fairly good young tight end already I I think I’d rather keep the young running back and hopefully he pans out some.