Is a correy clement a must grab?

I have hunt coleman chris thompson and kerryon johnson. We can only carry for backs bc are league is dumb. I was wondering if Clement is a must grab, smallwood is there to on my wire. If so whoe should i drop? I only have $58 faab bucks leftcrest of season

I’m there with you about adding clement. I think he would be the best add Ros but he will probably be splitting work. Hopefully Blount goes back to eagles so kerryon can get full load. How much faab would you spend on Clement?

Idk with the talk of a possible out side option for the eagles id hate to drop a decnt back to get him. Hes prolly the best option ros like you said. Prolly throw 25 or 30 on him. I have hunt so i just need a good rb2. Kerryon frustrates me bc blount is terrible and gets the goaline work. And the lions schedule is pretty rough rest of season

If you were to drop anyone Coleman would be my pick. I had Coleman and traded him with Marvin Jones earlier in the season to get Keenan Allen. All that to say it could pay off if clement gets the main work. Because I don’t see Coleman being super valuable ros

True but freeman is one juke away from being out again. Lol

Yea but Coleman was just okay when he had full work and is now sharing work with ito