Is A. Jones worth a WR1?

I’m thinking about maybe trading Aaron Jones for a WR, is he worth a WR1? Like maybe Keenan Allen or someone similar?

It’s a league where I only need to start 1 RB, but there is a W/R flex…

My WRs: ABrown, Golladay, Davis JBrown
RBs: Mixon, Jones, Breida, KJohnson, DJohnson, Bernard (handcuff)

Any low-end WR1s or high-end WR2s I could get for Jones? Or should I just hold Jones?


Is this Duke or David Johnson?

Sorry, Duke

Its tough, Kerryon is good, but his matchups stink and its a crapshoot knowing if he will get an appropriate amount of touches. Although, last week seemed like it could be heading in a solid direction.

Breida is good when healthy, but he has Tampa right after the bye and then a bunch of terrible matchups.

Duke is a high risk, high reward player

So while I wouldnt feel GREAT about giving up Jones, if I could get a Keenan Allen level or above player, I would probably do it.

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Anything lower than that and I would say no.

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Is Keenan a WR1 this year? I’m not sure I traded him away a few weeks ago because I just can’t take the lack of typical WR1 usage. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

My advice for trades like this:

  1. look at the other teams and find someone who is hurting at the position you’re offering because chances are you can extort more from that owner
  2. come up with a return value in mind and don’t compromise unless you get it

Put feelers out there, ask for more then you want in return and then negotiate down to your asking price

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found an owner who could use an RB, would Mike Evans or Brandin Cooks be worth getting for Jones?

I’d like Cooks especially with that high powered offense. Having him and AB would be solid for your starting lineup. Not as high on Evans TB is too up and down

one more owner in need of RB help has Hilton and Adams?

I might try and get Adams first, then Cooks, then Hilton?

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That would be my order too good luck!

Thanks for the help! :+1:

Adams might be tough to swing but if you would be open to throwing in one of your poor WR like Cory Davis I’d do it in a heartbeat for Adams

Yeah, good call.

off topic, but funny… in this league the commish extended the trade deadline by one week… even though there has only been 2 trades all season… both involving me LOL.

lol without a vote? sounds a little weird like he might be waiting on a deal or something. I’m a commish and any change I want to make big or small especially mid season I get the league to vote and majority wins

yeah no vote. Since there had been so few trades, I thought, what’s the point?

I don’t suspect anything shady, just didn’t see the point and thought it was funny. I’ve had so many trades rejected…