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Is Adam Thielen the better Vikings WR?


A little pot stirring and thinking.
Data @MyFantasyLeague PPR Keeper league drafts:
Is Adam Thielen (ADP~103.84 - WR63) the Vikings WR we should be drafting?
Stefon Diggs is being drafted ADP 47.8 - WR 28

airyards.com/ data by @friscojosh
Thielen: Targets 92 AirYards 989 RACR .98
Diggs: Targets 111 AirYards 956 RACR .94

https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/adam-thielen/@rotounderworld Production Premium (PP) and Target Premium (TP) (NFL Overall):
Thielen: PP +30 (3) TP +34.8% (4)

https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/stefon-diggs/@rotounderworld Production Premium (PP) and Target Premium (TP) (Overall):
Diggs: PP +6.3 (42) TP +2.9% (46)

Looking over all this information it looks like Adam Thielen is very much a late round steal for owners. Don’t sleep on the Vikings. Bradford was sneaky good last season. I know not on a fantasy level but very accurate. Feel free to discuss.


While I don’t disagree that Thielen is a good late round target because he is a good receiver, I don’t think we can say that he’s better than Diggs. If he can get off the line cleanly, he can be great but I think that’s the weakest point in his game. But I think Thielen should definitely be a target for later rounds.


DIggs is the better WR but Thielen is FOR SURE the better value at that position.


I think there’s value in both picks, especially with Sammy Biscuits in his 2nd year of the offensive scheme. Diggs’ upside is there [don’t forget he was banged up for a lot of last year] and Thielen is great for late round consideration.


Thielen is a very good discount at this point. I wonder if his ADP goes up as redraft and other players who arent as tuned in start drafting.


I had not watched his release much as I didn’t see many Vikings games. Have to watch his release more closely.