Is Ajayi, Evans, and Burton too much to trade for Lev Bell?

I’ve got James Conner and am looking to pick up Bell since the Bell owner doesn’t care about Conner. He still wants a high price for him though. He wants my Ajayi, Evans, and Burton.

The rest of my RBs are Gurley, Royce Freeman, Kerryon Johnson, and Crowell. My WRs are mike Thomas, AJ Green, Goodwin, and Gordon. TE is Kittle.

I would not give up Evans and Ajayi. Two top 15 guys with potential to be top 10s for 1 top 5 for who knows how much of the season? I would swap Ajayi with Freeman or Johnson or swap Evans with Goodwin

If you swap both of those players there’s a 0% chance of it getting accepted. But I do agree that it’s overpaying for someone who might play 6 weeks this year

I’m sorry I was trying to say one or the other should be swapped out not both - I agree they wouldn’t take it