Is anyone concerned about James Conner?

Hello everyone and happy weekend!

I really need to win badly this week as I am currently sitting at 1-3. James Conner did well last week, but he and my other underachieving players did not help me win. The struggle is real.

Here is my conundrum, SQB is on my bench injured, Carson got me 18 pts on Thursday, and Aaron Jones is my RB1 against Dallas (worried here, too) and I am considering flexing Conner, but I don’t know if he finishes the game, Jaylen and the wildcat takes over, does he do anything against a pissed of Ravens Defense? I drafted him him high so I know that i should play him regardless, but i can’t afford a single digit output from him.

Here are my flex options (PPR): James Conner, Auden Tate, or Michael Gallup? Some dropped Eric Ebron and DeMarcus Robinson, those are two other viable options I suppose.

Sorry for the long post, but I’m desperate for a win y’all, so any feedback is appreciated!

Man out of all those players, James Conner, to me, still has the highest ceiling. Even with facing the Ravens defense, who actually haven’t been that’s amazing against the run lately. They just got totally torched by Cleveland last week! I wouldn’t get too cute and still role out your best player.


I’m in the same boat as you buddy all my dudes are underperforming besides my kicker and Mark Andrews and I overthink try and be fancy with my lineup and sit someone who has a big game, I’m rolling with Connor in my lineup to and keeping Gallup on the bench because I’m not sure if he’s 100% yet, and just crossing my fingers


Thanks for the feedback. I have been burned by benching Lockett 2 weeks ago and he went off. Had I played him, I would have won. I do have a tendency to overthink it, and outsmart myself 80% of the time. I really do appreciate your input. Best of luck to you guys the rest of the season.


Good luck buddy and don’t worry even at 1-3 you can turn it around and catch up!

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It’s hard to go against Conner. IMO he has the most potential to flex against your other options. Hopefully Saquan will be back soon