Is anyone else high on Carlos Hyde right now?

I’ve liked him since the off season and could never understand the hate… I get the injury concerns but I’ve heard countless experts say that he legit sucks and is untalented… imo, when healthy he’s one of the better RBs in the league and he’s been showing that so far…

Also I’m contemplating offering a trade to the guy who owns OBJ Hyde and Murray… I’m thinking of offering Gordon and maybe Pryor (gonna test the waters with Henry first) for Hyde and OBJ… thinking the obj owner might be panicking and that Hyde isn’t really a huge downgrade from Gordon… thoughts?

I just traded for Hyde in my league, so I hope you are right! I traded M. Bryant for him because I was so WR heavy and needed a RB

Damn Bryant just for Hyde… I think you win that trade unless Hyde misses serious time.