Is anyone still playing the PATs D?

Is anyone still playing the patriots defense at this point? Or, are you just buying into the fact that they had easy matchup’s the first half of the year

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They’re unstoppable in my leagues which is so absurd. So I will be playing them…

Is your league different than most? What makes them unstoppable? My hesitation comes From the fact that they’re only bad game is been against a good offense. All of the good games of come against offenses that Have struggled. And they’re playing Houston this week

Undroppable auto correct haha. Maybe that’s a good sign. D/STs id rather role with the match ups.

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I have them rostered, and it 's not a bad idea, especially if you’re in playoff contention.
WK15: Bengals
WK16: Bills
WK17: Fins

VERY favorable matchups in the playoffs

I have the Pats in two leagues and am still playing them. Yes, they’ve had an easy schedule, and it gets harder from here. However, they have also scored on average 10.7 points more than the schedule-adjusted fantasy points allowed of their opponents. So they are scoring well over the expected points. Even against Baltimore they scored 4.0 (FantasyPros standard scoring) where Baltimore’s schedule-adjusted FPA is 3.7. No guarantee they continue at such a torrid pace, but I’m sticking with them. Using schedule-adjusted FPA for upcoming opponents each team’s performance to date vs. prior opponents, I have built models with scoring projections for DSTs, TEs, and QBs. It allowed me to pick up NE and San Fran in two leagues and trade early for NE in another when I realized how well they were likely to do all year.

The model for DSTs is below for reference, and you can check out all three of the models in my weekly streaming post on this forum. Week 11’s post is here - feel free to leave comments, feedback is appreciated. Good luck!

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