Is anyone trading away Kelce/kittle/ertz if you have waller?

I just traded my Kelce for David Johnson. I have waller in my TE spot, now.

I’m working on trading ertz for Chubb now that I have Waller… I’m not sure how comfortable I am with it yet lol but it’s nice to see others are in similar situations

Personally, both of these guys might be in trouble. Cleveland O-line looks rough. Lots of mouths to feed in philly. Ertz will have a lot of 3 catches for 43 yards games IMO.

Some other options I can get are Sony, Mack, Jones, and Ingram… I just feel that Chubb is better than all these if I were to flip Ertz

There’s a lot of mouths to feed in philly but Djax and Jeffery also tend to get injured often

I would move Kelce/Ertz if you are in a PPR.

I don’t think I would move on from Kittle though. Dude had 2 touchdowns called back on penalty last week. I know it was the Buccs but still, he is clearly picking up where he left off last season.

Ertz I think is a for sure trade and I could understand wanting to hold onto Kelce. But I’m personally moving on from both if I have Waller and can get an RB/WR 1 in return.

I’m in half ppr and I can move Ertz for Chubb 1 for 1

If Waller has more games like last week I think there is no way he doesn’t finish in the top 6 for TE’s. Moving any of the Tight ends for a RB1 or WR1 is an absolute steal in my opinion.

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Being on the field for 100% of snaps is what sold me. he scored 14 in PPR last week AND they played ahead the whole game. When they start playing from behind and he gets a TD every other week, why wouldn’t he finish top 5 TE?

Still feeling meh about Kelce for David Johnson, but we’ll see.