Is anyone worried about OBJ?

So I have oBJ in one league. I am having flashbacks to a few years ago when Bob McAdong was the coach and it seemed like obj was capped.

Is anyone trying to get away from Modell? Or are you staying put ?

I had obj that year and i have him again him again this year. I’ve cursed him. I am a little worried.

I don’t think it’s OBJ that I would be worried about. It’s the people around him that make people worried about him (offensive line and QB).

It would be naive to say I am not at all worried. But end of the day, OBJ is a generational talent at the position and I expect him to over come. Shurmur is also a competent coach so I assume he will figure out ways to get OBJ the Ball.

I’m def not selling OBJ. I’m staying put here. If you’re referring to last year with McAdoo, he was doing just fine until he got injured. OBJ has been a stud every year since joining the league other than that.

I Think OBJ is still a top 5 receiver. Eli and that front line scare me a bit, but he’s still by far the top target so production is guaranteed. I’m not panicking yet. :sweat_smile:

Oh yeah for for that’s what I meant to say. Would he situation cause you to bail and sell him for someone like Tyreek or Diggs?

I’m trying to target OBJ in leegirs because I think people might be worried. I on the other hand am not.

I agree with you here. Some people might be freaking out so you might be able to get him for a deal.

Not worried… they just paid the man 65 million to go out and make plays… they will soon learn that giving the ball to OBJ in a high volume is our chance at winning.