Is ap for real?!?

Is ap a real possible starter ros. I’ve been offered multiple trades from a team for Ingram. Ap/ cooks for Ingram and I most certainly need to improve my wr core. 12 team full ppr. I’m just wondering if that’s enough for Ingram or not enough.

Not every week. I would never play him on a short week.

He’s going to have some good games and some games where he sucks. High ceiling-low floor player and you will have to guess every week because there will be no way to chase the points. After the bye against Saints looks like it could be a nice match up unless game script takes him out of the game. He’s actually caught more passes in Wash so far than I expected. He won’t be the focus in that with Thompson but to even see him involved at all blew my mind.

IMO that’s not enough for Ingram. Saints offense needs his rushing when he comes back and I think he will be used quite a bit. Brees can’t be having to run in TDs like he did yesterday at his age.
Kind of depends on your current roster though…AP has looked surprisingly explosive. And cooks has looked great as well in that explosive Rams offense…

This is my current roster
Qb Stafford
Rb Howard, Barkley, Ingram, burkhead, michel, Clement
Wr tate, cooper, agholor, c. Davis, k. Cole, j. Brown(bal)
Te burton

If I had your roster I would probably consider that deal…but also, if the same guy has sent you multiple offers for Ingram he might be super high on him and be willing to over pay…I would probably try to counter and get more than that for Ingram.

I was thinking on trying to give cooper, Michel and Ingram for ap k. Johnson and cooks. Cause I hate the ups and downs of cooper