Is Aron Jones a Mirage?

Cook going down puts me in a tough spot at RB. I have DeMarco and the crow as my current starters, with Big Ben/Dalton as my QBs. My top WRs are Kennan Allen/Alshon Jeffery/Jordy nelson. I got offered Jordy for Newton and Aron Jones. Should I take it? Is Aron Jones just a mirage?

I smell an RBBC in Greenbay.

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You should get much more for Jordy since he’s got one of the best QB’s ever to play the game throwing to him. Sure Jordy’s old and getting injured but his connection with Arod is worth much more than Cam and Jones.

Jones should be good but I’m thinking only when Ty’s hurt.

I’m thinking back to recent RB history in GB where if they had a true #1 they gave him the majority of carries.

When Lacy was good he had the lions share even though James Starks had his moments.

Ty’s snapshare was crazy like 80-90% so I think he will be the guy when he’s healthy but due to his injury history and the fact that he has sickle cell most likely means he will miss long stretches since his body takes more time to heal.

Again get much, much more for Jordy.

And if you like what I’m spewing about Jones try to make a trade for him since he’s probably gonna dominate GB touches for at least the next two weeks while Ty’s ribs heal. If Jones stays productive it would make sense for GB to keep him out through the week 8 bye. Even then Ty’s probably gonna get injured again.

I got Ty and feel very fortunate to have picked up Jones.