Is Barkley a bad trade target?

I have an offer on the table where I would get Barkley, E Sanders, and J Cook for Collins, Deebo, and Gesicki. I feel like I need an RB but hate giving up a stud WR and TE. Here’s my lineup

Kamara, Moss, Collins, Booker, Stevenson.
Kupp, Deebo, Mike Williams, Julio, Odell, Bateman.
Waller, Gesicki

Idk what to do. Please help!

I would stick it out with Barkley Alex Collins has looked terrible

I guess that still answers my question but I’m giving the Collins side and receiving the Barkley side

Don’t over think it, Make the deal.

Barkley >>>>> Collins (You get a #1 RB for a #2 RB who has the job for a while…)
Deebo >>> Sanders (but SF is weird now)
Gesicki >> Cook (but you have Waller so who cares)

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I agree I think you do this. The upgrade from Collins to Barkley is huge and Deebo is great but you have kupp and Williams so youll be alright there and use sanders to fill spots as needed losing Gesicki isnt going to kill you

Haha thanks guys. Overthinking is my specialty but I pulled the trigger. Here’s to winning a title

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Overthinking it my skill set as well when it comes to trades for me. For other people it’s not so bad. I need to incorporate that into my own team somehow :wink:

I’d make this trade as well, but I wouldn’t feel I have to make the trade. If that makes sense. I do not think SB is what everyone is hoping he’ll be, but I think he is talented. I say that because injuries seem to find him and I think that destroys his ceiling. But when he’s right he’s so much fun. Plus you are getting a 1st / early 2nd round player for a waiver wire guy. I am a Collins stan but I also understand the horse. Collins is better than most give credit to, but IDN think he’ll be a TOP10 guy. If nothing else you can trade SB far easier than Collins moving forward, so you pick up more liquidity.

Totally agree with @Frankee13 in that it will hurt losing Deebo, but SF is super wonky rn. I have to believe Aiyuk will come back into favor and do not forget Kittle who is a big piece. His health will likely swing things. I do think Deebo is good, but he carries injury risk as well and IMHO is benefiting from a banged up squad with a RB roulette of health. Once the injuries get sorted, I think some of his shine fades.

I do not think Gesicki is super special, but he is a strong piece. I think Cook is probably nearly that good for this season, but who knows how many more seasons he’ll have? To me, the lifespan of Cook is the bigger concern over the FF results for this year. But sitting on Waller means your TE is likely not in unless (like currently) Waller is Out or on BYE.

In general this isn’t a slam dunk for you, but I would not be upset over taking it and hoping SB returns to form RoS and beyond. Everything in FF is a risk no matter what, but I think I’d take this one.