Is Boyd for DJ too much?

Thinking about trading Boyd for DJ, not sure if that’s too much here…

I don’t think this is a fair trade tbh.

Like DJ has more value?

Johnson has more value than Boyd in my opinion. I guess it depends on the DJ owner’s situation.

DJ floor is so much higher than Boyd. In other words, he consistently gives you decent fantasy points, Boyd does not. So whoever gets DJ wins by a landslide.

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OK, so I will try it, I just can win here :slight_smile:

Definitely give it a shot, but the DJ owner might auto reject that. Like I said it depends upon their situation. If it were me I would probably auto decline unless all of my WRs were out or a tier below Boyd, even then I would probably be looking to trade DJ for a WR1 and and RB2 with upside. I would also have to have RB depth as well. What is the DJ owners roster and record?

He is getting RBs all over all. Record is 4-3

RBs (if all trades go through)
K. Johnson

J. Gordon

It’s a pretty nice team. I just saw him trading Jeffrey and AP for two other RB and was wondering if he wants more depth in his WR Corps. Maybe he undervalues Gordon and only sees two starters here…

give it a try, but I have a tough time seeing him accept this.

Mee too, but we’ll see. He accepted Davis for Carson lately. Not the big names, but still a steal for me I guess…

If that were my roster I wouldn’t do the trade, especially with all the hype around Leftwich. If nothing improves during the SF game then maybe he tilts off the face of the Earth and entertains the trade.

That’s a bit of my hope here. Having another bad game,maybe a dirty win, but still not so many points for DJ could give it a go…

I would not accept that, but there is always a situation I guess. Boyd is too little value in comparison IMHO.