Is Burkhead Droppable?

I’m in a rb needy situation and wondering if Burkhead is droppable?

My only other option would be to drop Kerryon and I have no desire. Hoping to pick up Buck Allen and/or Morris

IMO yes, it’s a neck injury and those scare me, those are usually season’s over injuries. Kerryon is a legit startable RB at this point so i wouldn’t drop him. The only way I wouldn’t drop rex is if someone wants to trade but i doubt it at this point. I never like Rex going into the season and to me white has stolen his job.



Feel the same and kind of think by the time he’s back white and michel will have taken over

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Henry is similar for me. I can’t drop him yet but like i don’t thinkhe’s ever going to be anything .

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Yeah he’s droppable, definitely don’t drop Kerryon.


Kerryon my wayward son
For there’ll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don’t you cry no more

that about says it all

in yesterday show someone(i think mike) said that, right now, burkhead is nothing more than a handcuff… i think this says all. Im dropping him everywhere i can, trying to get buck allen too

I have collins so buck allen is a necessity

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