Is Calvin Ridley the real deal?

I’m in a 10 team league where everyone’s required to start 1 rookie. I drafted Penny and that’s yet to workout, so I picked up Callaway. The person who has Ridley is shopping him. Is it worth potenally giving up something bigger for him or should I just wait for Penny to take the load? Also it’s half PPR

What are you considering giving up for him?

He is def going to continue putting up points and being targeted by Ryan. Falcons have a pretty good schedule, D Freeman should be returning soon…they should be putting up points regularly. I think Ridley is similar in value to Will Fuller.

I was offered Gronk and Ridley for McCaffery. I Burton at TE right now, and my other running backs are Zeke, Gordon, and Tevin Coleman (it’s a keepe league so that’s why I have so many good RBs). We start 3 RB’s though so I’d be starting Coleman regularly if I accept

Do you have a Flex? Or does Coleman ride the bench otherwise

That trade generally is horrendous value for CMC I’d say, but in your keeper/rookie league, I’m debating slightly. Depends on your WR depth / whatever else you need. But RIdley is going to be a star like Julio. Atl will want him for the long term. We score red zone touchdowns with him…something the Falcons don’t historically understand how to do.

SInce Seattle went with Mike Davis over Penny today with Carson out, I would definitely not wait on Penny.

That said, the Ridley owner will be selling high, so I’d target someone else. Callaway is a nice choice.

My WR’s are fine with Theilen and then Baldwin and Jeffery both coming off injury, and then I also still have Golden Tate, D Thomas, Goodwin, Mike Williams, and DeSeaon Jackson. Coleman normally is on the bench and used for a bye week filler. Overall my team is pretty good other than my rookie giving me about 6 points per week. I’ve always been a fan of Ridley even in college, but I think I might hold on to what I have for now and hope Callaway can emerge as a safe play for Cleveland, especially considering my RB depth