Is Cam a sit this week?

Usually a fairly matchup proof starter for me, this week against the Ravens even though it’s at home - would you stream someone over him this week?

My matchup is close enough that if he’s sub 15 points it’ll probably cost me, opponent has Rodgers. Its 4pt passing TD and 6pt rushing. Not 100% on all the streaming options as i think a few QBs will be dropped tomorrow as the bye weeks and injuries take a toll on teams holding 2 or 3 (i know) QBs.

Any streamers that anyone would consider playing over Cam if you needed both a solid floor and the upside potential?

same situation here. But im playing cam. Is hard to bench a guy like him, who has some solid rushing floor… Unless there’s someone i can really trust in the waivers(which in my case there isnt), i wont bench cam

Yeah I agree he’s a tough sit. The best options I’m looking at are Flacco, Bortles, Mayfield, Darnold, Stafford, Keenum, Bethard, Rosen and Carr. So i’m not excited about any of them.

If someone has to drop like a Winston or Luck or something (both owners have 2 QBs) then maybe but i don’t want to get cute with benching Cam for one of those guys

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I tentatively put in Brady over Cam this week. Still unsure… I might need the big point potential that Cam can provide over Brady

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If he can’t throw, he gets frustrated and just runs the ball… .Which is nice


I’d play Brady, as Michel is out they will likely pass more and lets be honest 250-300 and 3Tds isn’t out the range for Brady which will be more than Cam will do this week i’m sure