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Is Cam Newton dust?


I have Cam & Goff on my roster. Just grabbed Goff before his big game Thursday as one of my preweek pick ups since I had a roster spot. Is Cam droppable? Scoring is below and I attached the waiver availability. For some reason most of the league rosters 2 QBs when we only start 1 and have 5 bench spots… Thanks in advance for any insight.

6 pt per TD
Completions .25 pts
Passing Yards 25 yards per point; 3 points at 300 yards; 6 points at 350 yards; 10 points at 400 yards


i’m in a similar situation. what the heck do we do with cam… i dont think he’s droppable but he’s throwing like 5-10 yard passes max


Stash Cam & live in the stream.

Tyrod this week vs ATL.


I have luck in my IR and I’m dropping Cam for streamers. No one will touch him in a trade, even two for ones don’t make sense with my roster. Any league where you’re penalized for interceptions he’s totally droppable.


Yeah I think I’m gonna do the same and stream Siemian this week. I lose my great team name of Newton’s Laws of TDs and it was awesome because I am a physics teacher lol.


Turns out it wasn’t a law, just a theory.