Is Chubb an auto start now?

Was able to grab him off waivers yesterday, need him or Kearse in my flex. Both these guys are poised to have monster games, I’m just having a harder time buying into Cleveland, more so Chubb.

I guess it depends on who else you have, but for me he’s not an auto-start. If Cleveland’s offense gets going on all cylinders he might become an auto-start, but even then I don’t think he’ll be used much in the passing game so that’s a limitation right there.

I picked him up in my league which I hope will offset the loss in value to Yeldon and possibly to Fournette by this trade. My other backs are Sony Michel, Mixon and Lindsay so Chubb will play only in better matchups and bye weeks for me.

Yeah that makes sense. I am dealing with losing Freeman and Lynch, barley staying 3-3 because of it. I picked up Lindsay and Breida earlier on, have the dreaded Mr. Drake, and Ito Smith. Lindsay produced Thursday, I have Breida going tomorrow. Cooks and M. Thomas are my WR’s. So therein lies my flex issue.

I think Chubb is an instant flex/RB2, but like what was previously mentioned, how much is he going to be involved in the passing game? With Chubb starting and handling early downs, will that open the door for more snaps and opportunity for Duke? I would think they’re have a 60/40 maybe 70/30 time split, and we need to see more cohesion on offense as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to put him in flex for what it’s worth…

Sorry the injury bug bit you; I punted 2 early picks on Da’Vonte Freeman and Deshaun Watson and am struggling to stream WR’s and RB’s…