Is CMC a trade target?

Standard league but should I bet targeting CMC this week or wait until he is even cheaper after he plays Ravens? My RBs are zeke shady ivory Thompson and ito

wouldn’t fault you for waiting until after the ravens game, but i too am chasing CMC.

Currently trying to work a lindsey+ Josh Gordon for him.

You KNOW those TD’s are comin

Agreed. The team who has him is 2-5 but is not willing to trade him in my league.

My full team is
Zeke, Mccoy, Ivory, Ito smith, Thompson, Rod Smith, Gallman
AB, Keenan Allen, Brandin Cooks, Trequan Smith
Engram, Uzomah

His team:
CMC, Drake, Murray, Gore, Mcguire
Lockett, edelman, crabtree, hurns,
OJ Howard, Doyle

What should i offer?

@MikeMeUpp any ideas?

Thanks guys

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haha i love how we’ve resorted to tagging mike in posts rather than just waiting to see if he’ll reply :laughing:

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I don’t think you can get CMC from him. He needs RBs and WRs. And you can only really offer WR. But if he gives you CMC, he’s looking at Drake + Murray as his only starting RBs which is a brutal spot to be in.

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What if i gave up mccoy and keenan allen

love his input. he is very knowledgable haha

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Doubt CMC owner gives it to you for that. You can try though.

would i be alright playing thompson or ito smith in flex though?

You’re doing that anyway. McCoy is injured. ANd when he’s healthy, Bills suck anyway.

hahah fair point

Nah man. I’m not Mike from the show. Just another Fantasy Football enthusiast.

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He almost accepted ito and chris thompson for CMC. Would I be better off swapping Shady out for thompson or ito, or do you like them more than shady ROS

If you can get him to accept any combo of players consisting of the pile of question marks, take it. Just let him choose.

Personally don’t think CMC is a target especially in standard leagues, I really don’t think the Td’s are coming, being a rb on Carolina is brutal when you have cam vulturing touchdowns, minimizing his scoring oppurtunities