Is CMC worth sacraficing next year?

Trading for CMC/Waller/Pittman for a 3rd round pick/Schultz/Marvin Jones in a 12 man ppr keeper league. CMC/Waller will not be eligible to keep due to draft cost and Pittman will cost me a 6th next year. Shultz will be a last round keeper and Jones will cost a 6th. Is it worth sacrificing next year to go all out this year, risking CMC might not be given a large workload or Carolina not rushing him back due to slim playoff hopes?

Current roster:
Zeke, Mixon, Hopkins, Ceede, Gesicki, Prescott.

In 7th place. Top 6 make playoffs

not sure exactly how you league is set up with keepers etc, but I think that is a great trade and only giving up a 3rd I do not think really sacrifices next year. I am not concerned with CMC workload, I think even if they scale it back to 75% of what he was doing that is still like 150 yards every game. Pittman seems to be on the rise and a 6th round for him could end up being a steal. Maybe try to get him to throw in a 6th round pick so you can essentially keep Pittman for free. Might be a stretch but worth a shot

Personally I’m hands off CMC for 2021.