Is Cohen worth the #1 Waiver Spot

I have the first waiver priority in multiple leagues. I’m eyeing Cohen, but I’m not sure he is worth the first waiver priority. One is a 12 man league and another is a 10 man league. Thoughts?

I would think so. He should be flex-worthy the rest of the way.

What it’s worth is up to you…I’ve been trying to decide the same thing as I have the #1 spot in my 10 team .5pt ppr league. I lost Woodhead and right now I’m planning on using it to get him.

I was thinking the same thing. Is it worth the risk of having another RB go down and not having the first waiver priority to get Cohen?

YES! Especially if PPR or .5 - see my post about Powell or Cohen

There isn’t anything other than your post.

I think so, but I think it’s overstating it by quite a lot to say that he SHOULD be flex-worthy the rest of the way. He could be. In PPR, he could be more. Could be. That’s it.