Is Connor too risky week 3?

Worried about Connor with his injuries. I have Henry sitting in my bench and he’s been pretty solid so far. I’m considering swapping them out this week. Does anyone have any thoughts about playing Connor when there’s other options?

You still have time to wait until the thursday night game. Wait for the injury report tomorrow.

Bias as a Niners fan, but yes, he’s too risky.

He’s injured, and with Big Ben down and starting 0-2, their season is very shaky. They likely won’t be rushing to put a big workload on Connor and risk further damaging him.

Niners defense has been tough (Mixon 11 attempts for 17 yards), and it’s a away game for Pitt.

It’s also our home opener after a very hot start, and you saw the offense last week. Pittsburgh will likely be playing from behind most of the game.

TL,DR: bad game script + tough road defense + injury risk = would not recommend