Is Corey Clement worth a stash?

In my 12 team 0.5ppr league, I noticed Clement went undrafted. I believe my WR’s are much stronger than my RB’s so Id like to hear opinions on if I should drop anyone for Clement.

M. Thomas
A. Cooper
D. Baldwin
S. Shepard
J. Crowder
K. Stills
M. Williams

K. Hunt
R. Burkehead
T. Coleman
C. Hyde

So basically is it worth dropping Stills or Williams for Clement?

If you’re going to be keeping the team as is I’d drop Williams for Clement.

You’re really light on RB which could hurt in the long run, especially since Coleman isn’t the starter. I’d consider trying to make a trade for one early in the season, maybe sell high on a WR who has an early breakout game. Just my thoughts overall.

I’m with you on taking the flier on Clement, but I think in a 0.5ppr I would rather drop Stills. He’s more of a big play guy in an offense that’ll probably struggle. Williams could be the WR2 in a much better offense.

Baldwin’s knee is 80%-85%. I’m not sure he’s going to last all season.

I like Clement’s upside, even if Pederson is iffy about his RBs.