Is Corey Davis worth picking up in place of Marlon Mack?

Feeling like I need an extra WR in case anything happens to Green, Evans, Lee and Kupp. I’ve got a fairly awful set of RB; McCaffrey, Cohen, Mack, Lewis and Powell, plus Woodhead as a stash. Is dropping Mack for Davis a good idea? Cheers for any thoughts

I would drop Cohen before I dropped Mack but either way Davis is more valuable. I’m curious, what RB’s are on waivers in your league?

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Cheers for the advice. Burkhead and Perine are the top two RB on waivers that have been in discussion on the show.

Without hesitate I would drop Cohen or Mack for Perine. Perine hasn’t been anything spectacular, but with Kelley on IR he’s the defacto 2 down back.