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Is Corey Davis worth picking up in place of Marlon Mack?


Feeling like I need an extra WR in case anything happens to Green, Evans, Lee and Kupp. I’ve got a fairly awful set of RB; McCaffrey, Cohen, Mack, Lewis and Powell, plus Woodhead as a stash. Is dropping Mack for Davis a good idea? Cheers for any thoughts


I would drop Cohen before I dropped Mack but either way Davis is more valuable. I’m curious, what RB’s are on waivers in your league?


Cheers for the advice. Burkhead and Perine are the top two RB on waivers that have been in discussion on the show.


Without hesitate I would drop Cohen or Mack for Perine. Perine hasn’t been anything spectacular, but with Kelley on IR he’s the defacto 2 down back.