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Is Dak Prescott worth trading for?


I play in a 2x QB league and I messed up and drafted 2 QBs with the same bye week (Week 8)

My QBs… M. Mariota, C.Palmer & D.Kizer… I’m insanely deep at all other positions… Was just offered

Dak Prescott
I give up… Palmer + Cohen…
My RBs (Gordon, Gurley, Montgomery, Martin, Cohen)

Is Dak worth giving up Cohen?


I love your depth at RB and find it hard to plug in Cohen about your top 3 in any weeks other than bye weeks. That being said, I still think you are giving up too much for Dak. Theres a lot of weeks between now and week 8 bye. I’d ride it out and if it got closer to that week and you have a better idea of these players trend, then I would make the decision.


Yeah I had last pick in a 12 man league… I loaded up on RBs so I could have something to trade when I needed to improve on another position… My WR’s aren’t that bad either… Its just gonna be hard to find QBs with 2 QB leagues… Nothing left on the waiver lol


Might be a good time to sell high on Cohen. That said Palmer shouldn’t suck as much from here on. Your rbs are solid. I might do this in standard scoring. Maybe not in 1 ppr.