Is Dalton Actually good enough for ROS?


I’ve been rolling with Dalton the last few weeks and I’ve actually been pretty disappointed. He’s only had two QB1 weeks and has put up duds against what should be easy match-ups. Is Dalton actually good? Is he worth playing against TB? Or holding through the Bye? My waiver is pretty thin with my best options being Mitch “The Truth”, Mayfield and Flacco.

I was offered of Rodgers and Graham for my Dalton and Kelce. I’m leaning towards no. Any thoughts on this trade?

First off, what is your full roster? I’d also say no to that trade. Losing Kelce is a dagger. Off the bat my suggestion would be to pickup Trubisky and roll with him or flip between him and Dalton based on matchups. Dalton has some value but his is very matchup dependent. I know you must be thinking what is a better matchup that KC? You’re right. The guy is going to give you some duds even with good matchups. He will also give you a win some weeks when the matchup makes sense. Mitch is becoming a legit QB. Would also be wary of his matchup but he is a guy that is going to produce under the right circumstances.

Roster is below also it’s a .5PPR league.

IWhat is interesting about the trade is the strategic advantage it “MAY” afford me. I’m currently in first at 5-2 with what appears like an easy schedule coming up. The trade partner in this scenario is also my opponent this week, who is 4-3 and neck deep in the playoff hunt. I already have Julio and Gordon on bye so it’s going to be tough match regardless. He is also the Mahomes and Hill owner. Now here’s where it get’s interesting, he’s also my week 12 opponent. SO in the game right before the playoffs he would be out Mahomes, Hill and Kelce which sounds like it could be another W for me. or my ultimate defeat in the playoffs if he still sneaks in.

I agree it may no the best trade. I was lucky and got Chubb and Richard on Friday so i have some bench foder in Freeman and Yeldon. I can def drop one for the “Truth” and just play matchups.

M Gordon
K Johnson
J Jones

R Freeman
J Howard

The obvious answer is to drop the Colts D for Trubisky. Can it be that easy?

i think you’re right, that is just the easy answer in my face. Any thoughts on the strategic nature of the trade or is just i’m overthinking and trying to get cute?

What Caveman said, drop them and roll TRUTHbisky out there. Maybe try to trade Yeldon for a QB? He won’t have season long value. Or trade Howard/Yeldon and Dalton for a QB. All depends on your record too, if you are 7-0, 6-1 you can do it I think.